Find your normal

Today is one of those days where I need to be a little slower, spend more time medicating and less time sitting at the computer. So I have decided to do a short post to get people thinking.

What is normal to you? Is it what “most” people are doing? Is is the routine you have gotten into? Is it the status quo? Or is normal a subjective term and it depends upon where you are standing? Should “normal” be the same for everyone? Do those of us who have always lived on the fringes truly want to be normal? I have my own views on this subject, that I will get into after a couple days of rest, but take some time and think about this for yourself and watch this video from MedMen and Spike Jonze. Remove your distractions and truly listen, no matter what side of the matter you stand on, just HEAR what they have to say, it will only take a moment, and it could change your life, or the life of someone close to you!

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