Sativa?! Indica?! What’s it all mean?

So I have given you a lot of information about me, my life and my journey but I haven’t really talked much about cannabis in general. So this is a little post to just get you familiar with some terms, if you aren’t already, and to get the wheels going in your own head about what things, in your own life, that cannabis could help.

First things first, marijuana is simply another name for cannabis, and I will use them both so you don’t get BORED! From a general standpoint, the use of marijuana can help bring on a sense of relaxation, relief from stress; it can increase your appetite and it can improve your sleep. There are two main groups however, and each one has it’s own properties offering a wide variety of medicinal and therapeutic benefits, as well as a third that offers the benefits of both. For people like me, who have heart issues and severe anxiety, as well as those with PTSD and other complaints, it is important to know the differences in your medication, and finding the exact right one for you. It has taken me years to weed out the strains that are not good for me, and I am hoping that by arming you with knowledge you won’t have to go through the same issues, at least not as many!

Most people will tell you the main difference between a Sativa and an Indica strain is that one wakes you up and energizes you and one puts you to sleep. As a broad, over-reaching statement, much like a stereotype, this is kind of true, but in the same sense not really because it varies depending on the person. Did I confuse you? Think of how some people get woken up by Benadryl and some get put to sleep, same idea with cannabis with some people. Which is why I say this is a PERSONAL journey and cannot be done by just listening to someone else’s story.

Let’s break it down:

*increased mental relaxation
*works as a muscle relaxer
*reduces nausea
*decreases acute pain (I am the opposite here)
*increases appetite
*increases dopamine
*can make you sleepy and give you what is called “couch lock”

*treats chronic pain (I am the opposite here)
*increases focus and creativity
*increases serotonin
*for daytime use since it can keep you awake

Hybrids are cannabis strains bred to bring out the best of whatever two plants they have chosen to breed and are often the medicine of choice for those combating different issues in their lives. Just like with mainstream pharmaceuticals you have to see how you react to a medication, it isn’t the same for everyone, but you have to at least TRY!

As you will discover in an upcoming post, it isn’t always about whether you are smoking a Sativa or an Indica, but more about the terpene profile of that individual strain, as people react to terpenes differently, ESPECIALLY if they have an allergy to something that contains high levels of that terpene, like me with any Conifer…..

Have a wonderfully wickedly elevated rest of your day!

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