What I use it for…..

So before I just start sharing information and jamming all kinds of things down your throat, how about let’s talk about some simple things, like what I use cannabis for, at this point. I am a firm believer that we are NOT our illnesses and that we cannot use them to define us, but in terms of talking about why I use cannabis, discussing my issues is kind of key. In 1993, when my muscles first started to show me that they had some sort of an issue, the Rheumatologist I saw told me I had Lupus without having Lupus, which was by far the most confusing thing I have had to deal with in all these years. After over twenty years I can tell you it is a very common thing for people to hear, because there are so many overlap diseases and syndromes that never test positive for the autoimmune diseases most people know about. Which makes it even harder when trying to talk to people about what is “wrong” with you, in my humble opinion. Because there was no “real” diagnosis, this meant there wasn’t any treatment either, other than to tell me not to stress too much, to exercise more (which is a joke to people with chronic muscle issues), rest, take antidepressants and of course, take OPIOIDS! I had just turned 21 and none of this sounded like living, so I just told myself life was painful and that I had to learn to live with it. Now mind you, I had already been doing this to a certain extent for a few years, because after a major car accident the docs kept telling me there was nothing wrong with my neck and back, that it was all in my head, and put me on Elavil. So I made my mind up that I was going to live no matter what the pain was like, until of course it got worse and I could no longer move.

In 2006, I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s, Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, Anxiety, Depression, High Blood Pressure, pre-Diabetes, Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), fatty liver, IBS and a couple other things I am sure I have forgotten about at this point. I was, a mess, and the list of medications I was suddenly on, didn’t help the matter either. After spending three years in bed feeling sorry for myself I decided to change my life and start this journey to wellness, which has not always been easy, and at times, I have wanted to throw in the towel, because being overly medicated on pain pills is a lot easier than having to learn how to live all over again!

First things first, I hate to say this to you, if no one else has, you will never be out of pain. Period. It is about changing your perception of the pain. Just think, when you were young and used to run so hard your legs would hurt or your chest, you didn’t think that was a “bad” pain. It was a good pain, it was because you were using your body, feeling alive, remember if you are feeling pain, you are ALIVE!

So the first thing I use marijuana for is to help alleviate some pain and to help me deal with the rest. Acute pain and chronic pain are two very different beasts and they work on the body in different ways, which means you have to treat them in different ways as well. I have come to realize that Sativa’s can actually increase the perception of pain for me and for others with Chronic Pain because it is more for those in Acute pain. You smash a finger, sprain an ankle, have a toothache, then the Sativa’s will probably work better for you, but if you have a constant companion, like I do, stay away from the buzzy Sativa’s and head for heavier Indica’s or Indica leaning Hybrids. (Some of my research disagrees with this statement, but like I have said, this is from personal experience for myself and about twenty other people I have gathered information from over the years.) I also suffer from terrible migraines, and have found that a little bit of CBD and a good Indica will cure even the worst. But trust yourself and your research, I am simply saying what I have found for myself and other people I know, this is YOUR journey after all, I am just here to help you along the way. * Here is an interesting side note, in 2009 I went to see someone about my neck again after all those years and found out that in the car accident in 1989 I had suffered a small fracture in my neck, that for some reason, didn’t show at the time. Since then I have had cervical neck fusion at C5-C6, and have had a HUGE alleviation in some of my neck, shoulder and back pain.

Outside of the pain, the muscle spasms and tension I have, make it hard for me to move, and that can happen with or without pain. It’s strange getting out of bed in the morning and literally my legs don’t want to work. It’s like walking through quick sand. After a lot of research I have found that a combination 1:1 THC/CBD tincture works the best for me, taken twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. Things may tighten up depending on what I am doing but I am at least functional and can go about my day, which is more than can be said of what my days were like prior to my discovery of what works for me. Nerve pain is a whole other beast, and up until I started using a tincture, it was the one thing I couldn’t find any help for. Now, I have discovered that the combination of topicals on the areas and the tincture can keep the irritating burn to a minimum, at least so I can be functional. Isn’t that what this is all about? About being well? About being healthy? Functioning? Living? Too many people want a cure all and a quick fix, and there are many, they just aren’t healthy for you. I found the healthy way to improve my life and to kick the opioid habit and to live my best life and I want to share this with EVERYONE!

For so many years I hid my marijuana use from just about everyone I knew, except for those people I consumed it with, who all happen to also have their medical cards now as well. We all had our reasons, whether we knew it or not, and as the years have gone by, we have all discovered the causes and most of us are not shy about our use now. It is a revolution that we are living in, a revolution of people taking control of their healthcare, of people saying NO to big pharma and saying YES to history and knowledge and to listening to their bodies. This is the new normal, and it should be. Wellness, happiness, LIFE should be the normal for everyone. No one should be resigned to what the doctor’s tell them. Fight! Find your way, your path! For some, adding cannabis to their lives may simply enrich their life on this planet, and who could be upset at anyone for that?! And for others, like me, it could be life changing!

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