Education and Coaching

R. Nicole Lovelady
Epigenetic Cannabis Coach
CannaDNA Apeiron ZOH Academy Trained
Let me guide you to becoming the conductor of your endocannabinoid orchestra!

Epigenetics – Your personal behaviors and your environment have a huge impact on how your genes work! Together, we can discover how your specific genes can be modified to have your ECS performing at its most optimum level


Are you new to cannabis and looking to have one on one coaching with someone well versed and knowledgeable about not only the plant in general, but about the numerous beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids and their uses for particular issues? Or are you an experienced user who feels they aren’t getting enough of the medicinal uses from the plant and you want to expand your knowledge? Let’s talk!


Are you concerned about how to use, when to consume or just confused about all of the products out there and want someone to assist you in understanding this ever changing landscape? Do you want assistance in understanding what different strains can do for you, in particular and the people in the dispensary are just too busy to spend the time you need?

Genetic Testing

Are you looking for a more in depth look into your body and your genetic code to understand how you process THC and CBD and how to make them work more effectively in your body? I have access to one of the most state of the art genetic tests on the market, and I can help you understand what all those letters and numbers mean and make them WORK for you! Isn’t it about time your body began to function like the magnificent orchestra it is?

I haven’t gotten my genetic test done yet, but after speaking with Nicole, I decided to reduce my THC intake and up my CBD since we agreed I needed a tolerance break, of sorts. After just 3 days of reducing my THC consumption and upping my CBD I actually felt my meds again! It was incredible! I have reduced my flower intake in the last week by almost half!

James C.

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