Hemp vs Marijuana: The Truth

Let’s all be honest for a moment and talk about the hemp versus marijuana debate and discuss the fact that it’s a whole bunch of BULLS**T!

When the 2018 Agricultural Act (The Farm Bill) was being tossed around, long before it became law, the companies counting on it to pass also counted on people believing that hemp was not cannabis. It was the main part of their argument and it’s probably why the bill passed, in all reality, let’s be honest. But once it was passed, it was time for the misinformation to stop and a campaign of truth to happen about hemp. It isn’t a cousin, sister, long lost relative, it is a cannabis plant. Classifying as hemp or “marijuana” is like classifying citrus fruits. “as either sweet or sour, without acknowledging the diverse characteristics of each fruit.” (Cadena, 2019. “Hemp vs Marijuana: The Difference Explained). When standing next to the two plants, often times you cannot tell them apart, which is why many law enforcement agencies have been ridiculed in the last two years for busting hemp grows under the idea they were illegal marijuana farms. The classification under the Farm Bill, while it allowed for CBD and other cannabinoids to become legal, it seems to have created a greater divide among some health professionals and businesses because they believe their products, or their CBD is in some way different, or superior. The Chief Scientist at Mary’s Nutritionals, Jeremy Riggle, Ph.D. says, “the CBD molecule and it’s associated pharmacology are the same, whether it was extracted from hemp or from marijuana. CBD is CBD, regardless of where it was originally derived from,”(Cadena, 2019. “Hemp vs Marijuana: The Difference Explained) making all CBD products created equal, as long as their ingredients are of the same quality, at least that’s what it says to me.

So why the arguments? Why the misinformation? Why has it become such a gigantic debate? I truly, one hundred percent believe it all goes back to STIGMA! Even today, with cannabis widely accepted around the world as having medicinal and therapeutic properties, too many people still adhere to the propaganda of the 1930’s which was full of racism, lies and industrial greed. In the health and wellness community I see so many holding onto the belief that hemp is somehow different, or superior, because it doesn’t contain THC or less than .03%, and continuing to classify THC users as “those people” or as somehow different to them, when in all reality, just like the plant, we are all the same. Coaches and advocates looking to guide people to their best selves by introducing them to their endocannabinoid systems (ECS), cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavanoids and how they interact with their body. This is a journey for everyone that shouldn’t be defined by what a piece of paper classifies a plant as, just because one of it’s chemical components comes under some arbitrary, magical number. And yes, that .03% THC definition for hemp is a magical number, one defined by Ernest Small in the 1979 manuscript, The Species Problem in Cannabis: Science and Semantics. The book outlines the fact that there is no taxonomical difference between what has been listed as hemp and marijuana, and that .03% could be a solution in determining what could make a person intoxicated, but even he admitted this was an inconsistent definition. Which means all of these arguments are truly for nothing because we are all talking about the SAME PLANT! Don’t be afraid to talk to your patients, clients, friends, family about these facts, because they are just that, facts, plain and simple, no need to sway them one way or another out of fear of the past. If 2020 has taught us anything it is to be open to the possibility of possibility and that old habits die very hard, and the stigma attached to cannabis is one of them.

PSA **Every time I see another post from someone from HempW, I will abbreviate so they don’t get mad at me (sorry y’all but they put out SO much mis-information) and lot of other MLM CBD companies, or cannabis “coaches” saying hemp isn’t the same plant, or that hemp plants produce more CBD, etc I want to SCREAM. You may be asking yourself WHY, and I am sure many will say there are a lot better things to get worked up about in this world, but lying to people just to get their money is a pet peeve, especially when it comes to their health!**

Have a wonderfully, wickedly elevated rest of your day!


Cadena, Aaron. “Hemp vs Marijuana: The Difference Explained.” 2019. https://cbdorigin.com/hemp-vs-marijuana/.

Small, Ernest. The Species Problem in Cannabis: Science and Semantics. Toronto 1979.

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