Strength in purpose

Needless to say there have been interruptions, delays, a back surgery, and now a global pandemic! During all this time I have maintained my presence on my other social media platforms, engaging with new and exciting people and finding out a lot about myself. If you aren’t following, please join me on Instagram @spoonfulofmarijuana! As the months have slipped by I have learned quite a bit about myself, a LOT more about cannabis, through education platforms, and I have narrowed my focus and found strength in my purpose.

My calling in life has always been to help people. Originally I believed it was through the Law, then Social Work, Education, and now through cannabis I have found a way to almost meld all of my passions together!! I don’t have a perfect life with all of the answers, and I don’t claim to. What I do have is a whole toolbox full of skills that I believe can be fine tuned to fit individual needs, in regards to stress, and anxiety. Not to mention over 20 years of living with an autoimmune disease and the knowledge I have gained from simply learning to LIVE again, not just survive. If this is the first time you are reading anything here I encourage you to read my first post, and the post about my battle with opioids and how cannabis saved my life, and to start the conversation with me, or someone knowledgeable and reliable about THC and CBD today!!

Stay healthy and happy!


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